Haley Brady, massage therapist at Ginkgo Yoga and Wellness.


Hayley Tamea is a licensed massage therapist specializing in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Hayley became passionate about helping others through bodywork after her very first experience with Hawaiian massage therapy during her own healing journey following a back injury. She received her training from Jeana Iwalani Naluai on the island of Maui. During a Lomi Lomi massage with Hayley, you can find deep relaxation as she works each area light to deep to systematically release the muscles in “problem” areas as well as throughout the body, allowing for greater joint mobility and increased lymphatic flow.

Hayley created Ebb and Flow Massage with the goal of bringing the spirit of aloha to her community in Lewisburg, WV through healing bodywork. One principle in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi that resonates deeply with Hayley is the concept that the massage therapist is not there to "fix" the clients who come to her, but rather to support each of them on their healing path and to hold space for the best possible outcome for each individual. The deeply relaxing, balancing, and aligning techniques of Lomi Lomi massage lend themselves beautifully to supporting the innate healing potential of the human body. If you would like to make an appointment or have questions please contact Hayley at 304-716-5123